FluidProjects is a collaboration of like-minded process and project management experts. Each has long experience (at least 20 years each) in one or more aspects of process analysis and improvement and fluid project management. Each person or team typically contracts independently – but we all work for the same concepts and goals. The main contact is:

Vic Uzumeri, PhD – Emeritus Assoc. Professor of Operations Management,  and founder and CEO of an innovative boutique company (www.ipov.net) that has devoted nearly 20 years to exploring applications of video in eLearning and operational training. Vic authors and edits the posts in the Video for Operations Blog.


Several other participants prefer a quieter role. However, they are potentially available for engagements and are central to FluidProjects’ developing mission. Their range of skills and expertise is driving FluidProjects’ evolution:

Global Manufacturing Expert – until recently the head of manufacturing excellence for a global multinational manufacturing enterprise … a household name.

Project Management and Process Automation Expert – an expert in process automation and all aspects of best-practice project management for design, industrial and manufacturing firms.

Specialty Manufacturing Expert – Company owner and expert in metal fabrication for extremely demanding applications in aerospace, automotive and other applications.

Food Production CEO – Company is a boutique manufacturer of artisan baked goods.

It is our hope to add other, equally skilled participants … to engage and contribute to our mission of building better process analysis systems that creatively use video and data analysis. If you have the skills and the interest, please get in touch.