Companies generally handle big changes as strategic efforts. They have more trouble with smaller changes and initiatives. Those might be valuable, but they often don’t fit in the current organization. The FluidProjects approach can help make these smaller tasks easier and less costly. As shown in the following “Prezi”, FluidProjects helps companies implement a “fluid project” methodology that fits smaller initiatives that often fall through the cracks.

“Fluid” teams

Hire almost any skill

From anywhere in the world

For any length of time

Add and replace skills at will


FluidProjects offers a suite of services to help companies answer the questions that always come up with fluid projects.

A blog post on the freelance market
A whitepaper on FluidProjects 

Buy what you need … when you need it!

FluidProjects is a totally new game for managers. You can do things that used to be impossible … but you need to learn new skills. FluidProjects offers a suite of services to help companies get in the game smoothly and effectively.


How do you recruit in the Global freelance market?
How do you interview and select team members?
How do you onboard and train team members?
How do you reward performance?
How do you terminate and release providers?
How do you re-engage providers you have let go?

Fluid Project Tools

What tools do you use to communicate?
What tools do you use to track performance?
How do you pay remote providers?
How do you handle documents?
How do you hold team meetings?

Project Management

How do you set up projects with remote players?
How do you track progress and performance?
How do you hold meetings?
How do you protect your intellectual property?
How do you know whose judgement to trust?
How do you schedule work?
How do you handle project delays?