Recently, prices for video monitoring and storage technology have dropped and performance has risen … dramatically. It’s now feasible to install permanent video systems for lean production, quality, safety, training and other critical business activities. However, the new uses are very different from the typical security applications where cameras watch doors and read license plates.

Video operations systems are new territory for most managers, but FluidProjects has spent years exploring their potential as independent investigators, consultants and system designers. Over the next few years, we expect to see widespread adoption of multi-level camera systems like this:

These video systems will support operations and activities with four key elements:

  • High performance video cameras that are selected, configured and positioned to see key aspects of the facility’s value-added operations.
  • Permanently recording video management systems with enough storage to retain weeks or months of continuous video feed from all cameras.
  • Low-maintenance system architectures that work flawlessly for months and years.
  • Analytic software tools and methods to find and extract information from the recorded video streams.

The continuous recordings will bring new problem-solving tools … enhancing traditional approaches to lean production, quality management, ergonomics, process documentation and safety.

However, the best way to visualize these new opportunities is to examine some applications and use cases.

Also, FluidProjects is developing software and services to extract, analyze and report the data hidden in the videos. There are exciting developments that will leverage the insights that the videos contain:

When video systems are always on and constantly watching, you don’t need to plan or stage video capture sessions … the video you need will automatically be there when you want it.