Preliminary Investigation

If you are intrigued by the ideas that are described on this site, the first step is to schedule a session where we (your staff and FluidProjects) meet to learn and brainstorm how this new capability can help your operations. There are many possible scenarios and use cases. Some will be low hanging fruit and others will be ambitious projects. Which is which varies with each business and operations. FluidProjects can help you sort out the possibilities and map out a general plan of attack. For planning purposes, the work would go like this:

Client Responsibility

  • Access to Staff
    • Operations staff
    • IT staff
  • Security system vendor (optional)
  • Meeting with key facility stakeholders
  • Facility access and tour
  • Facility layout drawings and/or opportunity for FluidProjects to record photos & video of the overall facility

FluidProjects Responsibility

  • 1 or 2 days of meetings to identify operations opportunities
  • Followup general investigation of the promising applications
  • Short (5 to 10 pages)) with
    • Estimated scope and objectives for a facility operations video system
    • Identification of several (2 or 3) candidates for pilot projects
  • If the company’s security system vendor participates, FluidProjects will integrate their cost estimates into the plans for the pilot projects and facility build-out.

Pilot Project(s)

FluidProjects will work with the facility staff and the designated security system vendor to design, implement, test and analyze the pilot projects. This will be a standard, contracted project.

Facility Implementation

If the pilot project(s) are promising, FluidProjects will work with facility staff and the security system vendor to build out, test and monitor a complete facility solution. This will be a standard, contracted project.

Support & Services

FluidProjects has identified a number of areas where an operational video system is likely to generate demand for ongoing video processing. For example, it may be used to generate raw video that is converted into video SOPs. In the event that facility staff wish to outsource this type of repetitive processing, Once the required services have been identified and defined, FluidProjects can help to set up and monitor the necessary external services. In some cases, FluidProjects may offer to supply the services under a separate contract.