FluidProjects is developing prototype virtual factories to implement innovative video mining processes. These systems are designed to be operated in the ‘cloud’ and staffed by remote specialists … typically well-chosen freelancers.

Instant SOPs This process starts with raw surveillance video of a visible process task and converts it to a video-enabled Standard Operating Procedure. The final format is typically a PDF with either an embedded video clip or a link to a cloud video server.
Time Machine Analysis If you install a camera system that covers the production flow, you can synchronize the video from the different cameras so that the same  part is seen at all stages of its production.
Process Analysis  Observe process video and tag critical events. The event data can be extracted, analyzed and added back to the video to create a powerful visualization of the process.
Machine Vision Apps This is a flexible, low-cost way to create machine vision applications for your process. The camera systems will automatically record enough video to supply good “training” images. Open source software can use those examples to build powerful ‘classifiers’ that can be applied back to the video streams from the relevant cameras.