Skills & Experience

I am “officially” retired and working on this documentation project, as well as doing a lot of travel … but I am open to work opportunities if the employer deems my knowledge and skills to be relevant. The following information is designed to help make that assessment easier.


The most practical and continuously maintained version of my resume is my LinkedIn profile at LinkedIn. If you have questions or want more detail, please email me (


I have centralized my endorsements and recommendations in my LinkedIn profile … for two reasons:

  • LinkedIn guarantees that all of the endorsements and recommendations are submitted by registered members from their accounts. Viewers can be reassured that the sentiments are from real people.
  • LinkedIn makes it much easier to solicit and curate the endorsements and recommendations. It means I don’t have to do that chore on this site.

If you have a Linkedin account and are part of my (wide) network of friends of friends, you can view other peoples’ opinions on my profile. The relevant section looks something like the image.

Skills Inventory

Although potential employers and collaborators expect to see a resume and references, the interview typically focuses on the pragmatic question … what can you do for me?


I have been working on Upwork … as a provider and a client for nearly a decade. It is a very convenient and relatively safe way to work at a distance. Upwork does take a sizeable chunk of fee, but overall I think the benefits are worth it and I am quite willing to work through it for project management and to process payment.