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  • A Businessy Take on Mastodon
    I was a late convert to Twitter. I dabbled about a year ago and then I discovered that Ukraine war news appeared there first. Everyone in the media, government and big business already seemed familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the like. Everyone seemed […]
  • Putin’s Nukes – Run out the Clock!
    Everyone is eager (arguably desperate) to understand how Vladimir Putin can be convinced to shut down his catastrophic invasion of Ukraine. Behind the urgency lies the fear that Putin may resort to nuclear weapons … initially as a threat, then with limited tactical use, but […]
  • Hire Ukrainian Freelancers
    Around the world, people wonder how to help the people of Ukraine. Our governments can provide arms, humanitarian aid and apply sanctions. That will help while the war is underway, but when it’s over, history tells us that these well-meant efforts will quickly fade away. […]
  • Lockdown Compliance – Who’s Running This Show?
    I previously shared maps based on data from The New York Times showing how COVID-19 cases and deaths had spread across the US. It has infected nearly every corner of the US, although public perception probably links it more with urban centers like New York […]
  • A Different Perspective on COVID Numbers?
    Since I have more time on my hands than I really wanted or planned, I’ve been working through various analysis and visualization options in the R statistics ecosystem. The latest exploration exploits the fine data collection that the NY Times makes publicly available at its […]
  • Sampling the Future(s)
    About 30 years ago, I sat outside a seminar room at a product design conference. I recall meeting Tom Matano. In the 1990s, Mr. Matano was an icon and rock star in the industrial design world. He was the head of Mazda’s West Coast design […]
  • COVID By the Numbers
    I haven’t written a post for nearly two weeks because I was engaged in a small project to stretch and enhance my skills. It’s been a year or two since I built a decent statistical analysis in R and Shiny. My most recent work product […]
  • Supply Chains in COVID Chaos
    I was asked by a local publication to write something for supply chain laypersons to help them understand the chaos that is occurring in goods delivery. This is close to what I wrote, minus some local references. By now, everyone knows COVID is playing havoc […]
  • The Strategy that Beats COVID
    In this post I strongly recommended that people read two articles by Tomas Pueyo that lay out a context and strategy to beat COVID without totally trashing our economy or allowing millions to die. Now, I would add a link to a podcast at Harvard […]
  • COVID – The definitive roadmap?
    The Hammer and the Dance! OK … this does it. These two (long) articles paint the clearest picture of the COVID dynamics and our options that I have seen so far. They are both on Medium, so they are easily viewed. The first one has […]