Supply Chain Data Standards – 2022+

In the aftermath of the Pandemic, global supply chain stakeholders have been doing a deep re-evaluation of SC structure, performance and transparency. In a prior exercise, I wrote a couple of white papers about the need to institute a common unique identifier system for North..… more

Canadian Grain Plaza – 2022+

Canadian prairie grain producers have been exporting their crops (wheat, corn, barley, peas, soybeans, etc. etc.) around the world for many decades. However, in an increasingly competitive and global economy, the system is still focused on selling and shipping bulk quantities … trainloads and shiploads…… more

Transport Unit Identifier (TUID) – 2021

My previous investigations into the problem of trucking “phantom data” led to a proposal for an industry-standard Transport Unit ID (TUID). As a conversation starter, I proposed a simple method by which any shipper could create an ID that was extremely unlikely to conflict with..… more

Analyzing Trucking Phantom Data – 2020

I resumed work with Michael Darden and DFM Data Corp. in a supportive role. DFMDC is tackling a hugely important problem that is beginning to surface in the US trucking spot market. The spot market arranges 500,000 to 1.5 million truck loads per day. It’s..… more

Stacks HOA – 2019

I served as president of the Stacks Home Owner’s Association. I lasted 13 months … one month longer than the previous record-holder.

Event Mapping Utility – 2016

For about a year, I wrangled the team of developers (in Algeria and Mexico) to create a flexible event mapping utility. It was totally responsive so it ran on desktops and mobile. It also fed anonymous data back to a database where we could build..… more

Video for Operations Analysis – 2013

I worked with an industrial bakery, Dartfish and Michael Darden to explore a variety of ways to use video to capture raw data for operations analysis. This didn’t really lead to any dramatic opportunities, but it offered tremendous promise and was very interesting.

Software Sales Training Courses – 2014

I constructed seven detailed courses to train Siemens PLM sales personnel around the world. The courses covered sales techniques, product knowledge and corporate sales management. I also arranged to have them translated into 4 other languages.

New eLearning Production Workflow – 2013

When I shut down the Auburn iPOV operation, I had to invent a new eLearning production process that would work with remote freelancers. To make the system more appealing to corporate clients, I set it up to use Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft SharePoint. With..… more

Video Surveillance of Bakery Machine Operation – 2017

A friend owns an industrial bakery. I talked him into installing some surveillance cameras and a decently capable video management system to observe operations … particularly in his production machinery. A lot of weird things can happen with waffle and pretzel dough and there isn’t..… more

IoT and Factory Video – 2018

I worked with a local industrial bakery to integrate IoT sensors into their suite of surveillance video. The idea was to recognize machine events from the factory floor and use that data to make it easier to find relevant video on the surveillance system. The..… more