COVID – The definitive roadmap?

The Hammer and the Dance!

OK … this does it. These two (long) articles paint the clearest picture of the COVID dynamics and our options that I have seen so far. They are both on Medium, so they are easily viewed. The first one has been viewed 40 million times and translated into 30 languages. The second just came out, links to and from the first, and completes the story.

It will take you at least 30 to 60 min to read both of them. But then you will be as educated about the challenge as you are ever likely to be. Even if you hate graphs and numbers, please stick with it. It’s a brilliant explanation and I believe in you … you can do it! I won’t give a spoiler, but I suggest you compare these to the words and deeds of the key leaders in our/your country. Which ones seem to understand this and are taking sound action? Who is heading in the wrong direction?

This table from the second paper gives a clue about the thoroughness and detail involved.

Comparison of Global Actions

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Actions by Country – Bell, Baillie, Gee and Puyo

For the US, there are URGENT choices that could mean the difference between tens of thousands of fatalities … and millions of fatalities. Mortality on that scale will crush our economy and could crush our spirit to carry on a fight that might not end with this round. It could be a policy malpractice tantamount to societal suicide.

Not joking.

The good news is that the analysis also shows a way forward that IS achievable. But if some of our leaders don’t get it, we may have only days to get through to them. Days literally count.