COVID: An Imagination Shortage?

As I listen to expert epidemiologists explain the structure of the pandemic and anticipate the devastating shortages that might come next, my gut says that our “system” (President, politicians, healthcare industry, manufacturers, supply chain pros, and pretty much everyone else) are still afraid to use […]

Video PROCESS Surveillance?

When most manufacturing companies, indeed most companies of any type, think about “video surveillance”, they automatically think about security, theft and personnel monitoring. Then, they buy security systems and video surveillance systems to collect massive quantities of video like the following examples. Feel free to watch an entire […]

Industrial Mind Music

Problem Statement Remember the last time a manual told you to press a button and nothing happened? You spent fifteen minutes on the phone waiting for customer service, and then you’re told you just have to press it past where it starts giving pressure, but […]

A Musical Experiment

With that in mind, I wanted to try something a bit smaller scale and precise.  I wondered about the consistency and precision of a professional musician when he is performing a familiar piece. Bryan Crumpler ( is a friend and professional clarinetist. He kindly agreed […]